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January 23, 2018

Do you have the customer you deserve, or do you have the customer you want? I ask this question to many contractors and the response that I usually get is, “yes, I want all the customers I can get! customers are the lifeblood of my business, the more customers the more money.”

REALLY? That’s what we are going to discuss today.

The next thing I say is that was not the question I asked! The question I asked was, “do you have the customer you deserve or do you have a customer you want.” Then I get this weird look and I have to continue on.

You see most contractors going into business think about getting business and not about that business as a whole. As they enter the marketplace, they sit down and figure out what everyone else is charging and start competing on price. They figure they have a good product and they are great at what they do so they should succeed.

I ask why do they take their excellent work and just start competing on price just to get into the marketplace.

How do I know about this? I’m guilty, I started there too!

But I learned really fast that I would need to change directions fast or go out of business! That’s why I found a mentor and hired a coach. More on that some other day…

So how do I have the customer that I deserve? As painful as it may sound, if you are competing on price alone then the customer you are attracting is the price shopper.

The price shopper will eat up your time, they will eat up your profits, and they will eat up your sanity. They will complain the most about everything and when they refer you it will be to likeminded people. Unfortunately, when you only sell by the price you get these types of customers.

I say this is a customer you deserve because you are either lazy or don’t know any better. I’m going to go on the premise that you don’t know and today we are going to try to change that.

Right now, you are on a hamster wheel going round and round feeding the hamster (your business) with bad food (prices shoppers) and there is no nutrition (profit) to keep him going so he is running as fast as he can to keep the pace and he is dying from malnutrition and over-work.

Get off the hamster wheel.

Here is what you need to do. Take the time to go after your ideal customer; stop going after the easy money, your ideal customer has the money to pay for good work.

Think about business as a business owner not as a trade’s person, salesperson or installer.

How do I run my business and strategically get the customer I want?

First of all, you have to define who the customer that you want is. Everyone’s definition of an ideal customer is different, so you have to figure out who your ideal customer is and how do you start going after that type of customer.

Here is an example of defining your ideal customer.

  • What type of house do they live – 300k 500k or higher?
  • What neighborhood or zip code has those kinds of houses?
  • What type of income?
  • Where do they shop?
  • Why do they buy what they buy?
  • Does value them feel good?
  • Is main purchaser of your service or goods male or female?

Get the point? The better you can define your ideal customer, the healthier your business will be.

So, if you haven’t figured it out by now, selling by price only as a commodity is easy mentally but hard on the pocketbook.

Going after a specific customer type as a target is harder in the beginning because you have to learn about your ideal customer, but so much more rewarding monetarily for years after you make the choice.

Survive maybe or thrive. Now you know how to move in the right direction.

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