Discovering Video to Grow Your Business with Tabitha Carro 175

May 25, 2017

Discovering Video to Grow Your Business with Tabitha Carro

Doing it on the run, no expensive equipment, just your smart phone create videos for your business growth.

Everything has been exploding with video, mainly because of social media.

Everything has become very visual and now because of the ease of having a smart phone makes taking video and editing so much easier.

Some Video Basics

Keep you lens clean. The little things that we don’t think about that can make our images look much better. Especially if you are a carpenter and there is dust flying or even a painter or just eve a smudged finger print.

Check you in-app phone settings for sharper images.

Keep your phone steady for taking videos (you might want to get some sort of mount).

There are so many scenarios you can take advantage of to create a video and promote your business.

This is one area you can move ahead of the competition and own your market.

Tabitha Carro, the iPhone visual marketing addict!

Tabitha says thank to using my iPhone, I’ve been able to:

  • Create blog images
  • Design Pinterest images
  • Make Facebook videos and photo ads
  • Create my social media designs
  • Make YouTube videos faster
  • Design all video tutorials and visuals for to online courses
  • Create the visuals for my landing pages and websites
  • Make product explainer videos

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