Discovering the Simple Steps to Free Publicity with Sharon Bolt 219

November 10, 2017

Sharon Bolt shares with our listeners the simple steps on how to get free publicity. Publicity is how to create the win, win situations with the media and you and your business time and time again.

The wonderful thing about learning how to write a press release on your way to get free publicity.

You are validating your expertise now, today.

You are the one at the helm so to speak. You could wait forever for someone else to validate you, your business, your expertise.

Is more fun if you validate your expertise and it can be done today

In the English the Oxford English Dictionary the definition of an

expert and it’s a person who is very knowledgeable about and skillful in a particular area.

Isn’t that what we are, Very Knowledgeable about our business.

So be bold, step up to the plate and yell it from the rooftops no

Tell your story with free publicity.

You can become the celebrity in your marketplace by following Sharon Bolts simple steps to free publicity.

By becoming that celebrity expert in a sense in your local community now people are going to look at you differently than someone else in your field does.

Let’s face people love being connected to a celebrity expert.

By becoming that celebrity expert, you have positioned yours very well.

Your potential customers expect to pay a higher price.

Celebrity status in business means that you become very quickly the go-to person. Yes, it elevates you above the rest.

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