Discovering the 9 Forms of Power with Dr. Clete Bulach | Episode 166

March 23, 2017

Dr. Clete Bulach is a leader in the education field and today we have him on our show to talk about the 9 Forms of Power.

The question really is, “how well do you get along with other and 9 ways to make that happen?” We have negative forms of power and positive forms of power.

How you use your power especially as the leader in your organization determines the outcome of your overall effectiveness as the leader and ultimately will affect your profitability.

If you want a positive outcome and a profitable outcome then this week with Dr. Clete Bulach goes through 9 forms of power that can help you move forward.

Servant leadership a real key to running a business and then there is the negative side of that coin also. Sort of like with my my dad growing up saying, “do as I say, not as I do.” This attitude does not make a great work environment.

The servant leader shows that they care, have compassion, and will show their people the correct way to do things.

Dr. Clete Bulach has been on over 100 radio talk shows on topics ranging from leadership, school improvement, bullying behavior, character education, use of power, school culture and climate,

If you listen to this podcast and find areas you might need to change taht is great! There is nothing wrong with being the best you you can be.

Connect with Dr. Clete on his web site and take a look at his books!


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