Discover What a Target Market is. Your Avatar 195

October 10, 2017

Discover What a Target Market is. Your Avatar

I want to welcome you to the beginning of our series of many series

The title of this series is target marketing no shotguns allowed

We are going to go through what is the target market or maybe what is an avatar depending on your age?

Target marketing no shotguns allowed

We’re going to identify your target market who’s your avatar.

If done correctly, figuring out who your target market is you’re going to stop chasing the money.

Your target market is going to look for you to do business with, instead of you chasing the business.

Most business owners are transactional.

They leave a fortune on the table

Through this series we will go through how you’re leaving a fortune on the table by being transactional. (not having or defining a target)

Let’s start and look at who your avatar is or what they look like let’s go through a list.

Let’s go backwards, and say who is your best customer?

Who is your best customer? Are they married are they divorced are they a business owner are they a professional, a doctor, a lawyer, high level manager or they just an average Joe.

Does the wife work if she does maybe were does she work?

What is their income level, where do they live what type of house do they live the price of the house?

Your target should be in a position that they have discretionary income, they might be looking for a service provider they might be looking for quality and not necessarily price.

They defiantly are not going to do it them self.

Do they have a need for everything to look nice ?

I want to go after the busy professional because they work hard they play hard they have discretionary income which means. They have extra money.

They budget money to get the things done around the house so they can go enjoy life. They know that by hiring someone to do the work it actually costs them less that’s a mindset Yes, it is a mindset for them.

It should be a mindset for you also because this type of target market are looking for professional service providers.

Create the target so that when you think about them it rolls off your tongue. Write it down so everyone on your team knows the type of customer you are looking for.

This is what your target can look like

Bob and Mary are married they’re about forty-five to sixty-five they have kids in college or kids in high school. Bob is an executive with a large corporation or owns his own business.

Mary is a stay at home mom she takes care of the kids and she loves her home because she loves entertaining, she believes that a well-kept and maintained home will bring the best resale value when and if they choose to sell their home in the future.

Mary takes care of the home Bob takes care of the money. Bob works hard and loves to spend time with Mary. Bob enjoys playing golf on the weekend and is not going to do any work around the house.

Because he works too hard bringing the money.

His weekends are important to him.

He can afford to have someone else do the work that needs to be done around the house to help maintain its value for future resale purposes Bob budgets his money for your types of services.

Bob and Mary are always looking towards the future they’re not looking for just today they live in a nice neighborhood homes ranging from five hundred to nine hundred thousand dollars this is what your avatar should look like or sound like should just flow off and you know who they are there in your mind it’s targeted it’s well defined.

The most important part of defining your target is now you can pick and choose who your customer should be instead of going after every one to td business with.

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