Discover the Only Thing Your Competition Can’t Copy You On – Episode 92

October 29, 2015

You can be copied on many things by your competition.

  • Your competition can copy your marketing
  • They can copy you sales strategies
  • Your competition can try to beat your pricing
  • They can copy your customer service
  • Your competition can copy or attempt to copy everything you do

There is only one thing your competition cannot copy is the customer experience.

The customer experience is what keeps your customer coming back.

It’s the customer experience that creates raving fans that creates referrals.

So what can you do to create that experience from the first contact?

Here is just a short list.

  • How do you answer the phone?
  • What does the first point of contact look like?
  • Do they feel appreciated when you arrive until you leave or you have completed your project?
  • How do you treat them after the sale?
  • How can you add to this list?

Remember it’s the experience that your competition cannot copy you on do create an award winning customer experience.


discover-the-only-thing-your-competition-cant-copy-on-you-1024x683Discover the Only Thing Your Competition Can’t Copy You On - Episode 92


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