Discover How Your Target Market Buys (So You Can Sell More) 199

October 13, 2017

In the early years is where I learned the hard lessons like many of you have. I got tired of competing on price, everyplace I go was price, “how much is this, how much is that going to cost,” and they compare me to somebody else. So basically, without realizing it I was a commodity ? like McDonald’s hamburger ? and nobody likes being a commodity.

I learned how to market to get people to call me.

I positioned myself as the expert in the market place

I no longer have to compete on price, I was no longer a commodity; I knew how to put things in place where price wasn’t an issue.

Granted, price is always an issue to some point, but would you rather talk to your customer where price is number one or price is number four or five in the list?

Number four or five, because there are other things criteria, when it gets down to price and criteria is at four or five on the list, it’s about other things first and is the value they are getting, worth that price, so it’s no longer the price only, there’s so many things.

As I got in to the selling game I came to the realization.

If you don’t know how they buy, what’s going through their mind how they think, then you will sell according to the way you buy,

If you sell the way you buy how much money are you leaving on the table or worst how many sales are you loosing because you don’t know how your customer thinks.

There are 4 types of buyers based on time and money.

  • Cash poor -Time poor- could be a student they have no money for your services.
  • Cash poor- time rich -retired folks who don’t have a good income again in the service industry not your customer,
  • Cash Rich -Time poor- people with good income can afford your services but don’t have the time to be a weekend do it yourself type.
  • Cash rich- time rich- these customers have the money to have things done to their property and will pay a premium to have it done correctly the first time. so, you are selling value not price.

These are the customers you really want to go after.

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