Discover How You Can Be Recognized as the Professional Expert and Achieve Celebrity Status in Your Community! Episode 85

September 10, 2015

Welcome to this week’s episode of Contractors Secret Weapon Podcast | Episode 85

This episode is all about how you can be recognized as a professional expert and achieve celebrity status in your community. Man that’s a mouthful!

This week’s been kind of crazy for me because, as we talked about for the last few weeks, I’ve been getting ready for Charleston South Carolina. And when you listen to this I will be IN Charleston South Carolina at the UAMCC National Convention. It’s s going to be jam packed, with 55 speakers and 40 vendors who all will be sharing a lot of their equipment and merchandise. There’s a lot of new stuff coming out, some new cleaners and surfactants and I’m sure there’s a ton of new equipment that just makes things easier for the contractor.

So this week I’ve been up every night, I mean late, putting together power point presentations, getting all my stuff ready to take to the show.

This week before we get in to the meat of the podcast, I want to go back and take a look at some of the episodes to bring you up to what I really wanted to go over in today’s episode.

From the very beginning episodes of the Contractors Secret Weapon what we have always done is try to get you, the contractor, to move away from being a commodity, moving away from only competing on price. I have always talked about becoming the expert in your marketplace and to let other people know what you do. We have also gone through offering a free report and free recorded messages.

Not too long ago you heard me talk about masterminds. In the mastermind that I have with a bunch of marketers, we were discussing promotions and I remembered something that I had gotten from Pete Mitchell for his consulting business. I was looking at what he sent me in the mail and thought, “this would be an awesome tool for contractors”.

From that little idea to now when I’m rolling it out in Charleston this weekend at the event I’m speaking at. You will have first preview because this podcast actually comes out Thursday and the function starts Friday morning.

I created an Audio Business Card for contractors, formatted in such a way that its done in an interview style. On it we talk about the free report, but it is done so it’s not boring, it’s someone asking me questions. The title is about hiring the right contractor for you and the hard questions you shouldn’t be afraid to ask.

I was thinking as I was sending it out to some prospects that it isn’t only about being the expert in my market, but because of how the interview is done, it has elevated my business to that celebrity level.

We did it in an interview format and basically it was laid out that I was being interviewed by a local magazine about up-and-coming businesses. In it we talk about the free report that Elite put togher and the 10 Questions about hiring contractors was the top.

This Audio Business Card CD package has a nice picture of you, your logo and your company colors.

Imagine sending this to a potential customer to introduce you, or leaving it behind to close a big deal when the prospect hasn’t said yes on the first visit.

On the front there is a QR code that gives them the opportunity to listen now or they can listen to the CD in their car or pass it onto a friend. It works much better than I anticipated, way better.

What happens is you become the expert or continue to be the expert in your area… this is almost like writing a book, but you don’t even have to write a book now!

How It’s Made

The Audio Business Card includes a number of features:

  • Your picture or your logo
  • Your company name
  • Your company colors
  • The interview
  • Testimonials (because no one sells better than your raving fans)
  • Back cover (we tell your story and how to contact you)

The interview takes about 8 minutes. It is short to make it interesting to your potential customers, but long enough to build you up as a professional expert.

So because I have put together a special package for Charleston convention, there is a special bonus with a bunch of savings. The first order we will pay for shipping and include a copy of the report that we mentioned in the interview (The 10 Questions You Should Ask Every Contractor Before You Let Them On Your Property). This way you don’t have to figure out what to give them for free, you just make the report match your business and business practices.

We will also give you the customer survey we talk about. We give that to you to make your own and also a bunch of specials and bonuses which will only be available till midnight Monday September 14th. Some of those bonuses will go away, but the Audio Business Card will still be there!

It is just another tool to help you be perceived as the expert in your market place. I believe it actually helps create a little celebrity status because of the interview process, go take a look at it have a great week and to be profitable.

Click here to Check out this awesome tool…the Audio Business card

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how-to-be-a-celebrity-contractor-1024x683Discover How You Can Be Recognized as the Professional Expert and Achieve Celebrity Status in Your Community! Episode 85

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