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January 9, 2018

Discover How to make your customers feel Important should be number one on top of your list. We want to give a wow factor to our customers and basically, the wow factor is doing what other won’t But really boils down to doing what others don’t. We all want to build ultimately a business with sustainable growth, sustainable profit. Treat our customers exponentially super good.

So how do we do that?

First of all, we want to build ultimately a business with sustainable growth, sustainable profit. So, in order to do that the best way to do business. And yes, we do need customers and acquire new customers all the time but mainly we need to treat our customers exponentially super good. I like to call it the WOW factor and basically the wow factor is doing what others won’t. What others won’t. But really boils down to doing what others don’t.

So, let’s just go through a list of some of the things that you can do to make your customer feel important because when your customer feels important when my customer feels important then guess what.

Not only do they want to continue to do business with me, but they let others know more often about you and the services you provide. Wowing your customer is really simple in today’s market. It’s very simple.

We want to go into the expediential growth stuff the stuff that really sets you apart.

Some of the simple things are just a handwritten thank you. Now a handwritten thank you note to your customer. I really appreciate you thank you for doing business with us.

Same thing for a referral. Oh, my goodness it just it just sends them over the top when they get a handwritten thank you note. Thank you so much for referring us.

How about just answering the phone. These are simple things returning phone calls. And never letting that customer drop off.

And so, if you get a customer that you call them back and they don’t answer, or you had to leave a voicemail just let them know say listen I promised that I would get in touch with you. And I’m not going to stop until I do. So, therefore, that kept you off the hook of actually saying or feeling like I’m really badgering that person but you’re not badgering. Because they asked you they asked you to get in touch with them.

How about sending them a gift a token of appreciation for when you finish up that job or even sometimes

Let’s let’s start with that one first. A gift of appreciation a thank you thank you card with a gift. Could be brownies. It could be a cookie. It could be a little gift something you put in the mail to them. Just an appreciation of something that you found that they liked or noticed that they liked or had collected at the house.

And I’ve even done it for people who have dogs. I also send the dog a gift that is just unheard of because people don’t think about that. Listen you’re saying why that cost $ 15.00 max 15 you can do it for 15 dollars. Just send a thank you card and brownies for 15 dollars or thank you card and a small gift for fifteen dollars or less. Why wouldn’t you do that? You’re saying wow why would I do that.

Oh, man are you kidding me. This is just crazy I can’t. You want to thank them you want them to feel important. But guess what. You don’t have to take 15 dollars out of your profit figure it into the price. Are you kidding me just this is a wow factor? It will. It will make your customer feel so appreciated. Because no one else does it.

You want to rise to the top. You want to bring yourself up to the top of the pile of contractors that you’ve got your hand raising above all the rest.

You want to do multiple touches a year. So how do I do this sequence? There are certain ways you can do. You can use send out cards. You can use Send Jim or Radius Bomb. I don’t know if any you guys have the herd of Send Jim but if you go down to the bottom of the page. One of our sponsors is Sendjim. You can click on the link there it’ll take you over to a video.

And yes, it is an affiliate link. We do get paid for it for sending you over but it’s the same price as you would pay if you went to direct. However, you do it just do it.

Just go there. Add the sequences to your touch points throughout the year.

Newsletters. Oh man, I am a big fan of newsletters to send out newsletters on a monthly basis. And if you’re going to say why would I spend money on a newsletter. I’m going to tell you why. My statistics show for every dollar I spend on sending out a newsletter. I get 21$ and 67 cents or 76 cents something like that back in return.

Throughout the course of the year, you don’t get too much of a return like that in many other areas. Why. do it Because the customer feels important.

You’re keeping in touch with them you’re always on the top of their mind. This is actually a wow factor if done correctly.

So, go to the show notes, go to the page, go to free stuff. You can download a link that will give you an example of the newsletter that I send out for my painting business and it’s free. I mean just get an idea of what to send out. Now if you want to do an e-mail that’s great. But also remember that your e-mail is only going to be eight to 10% open rate with a legitimate and I mean they’re all legitimate. But with a mail newsletter, the way that I send it out everyone gets a 100% open rate when it arrives. They look at it at least they remember you. You’re on top of mine and they’re going to call you and say Oh man I’ve been thinking about Dave. They were thinking about Bob let me give him a call.

And listen it is awesome the way that they respond. So how do you do this? You got to get their data. You’ve got to get the e-mail you got to get your mailing address you got to get some time their anniversary. Listen here’s a thing that some restaurants do and you could actually implement this into your system is they send out half a birthday card. So, they know when their birthday is. So, they send out a half a birthday card to say hey it’s half a year to your birthday have a birthday card. Here’s a certificate or a coupon for a free drink or an appetizer with your dinner. Come in and visit us and enjoy your half birthday marked on us.

So, think about what you could do with your own your own business your own contracting business. You could do an anniversary card. Oh, this not if you knew what their anniversary was when they got married but how about the anniversary day of the work you did. So, this is a one-year anniversary. We just want to thank you for doing business with us and put in there something that you might want to a new product, new service that you’re selling or maybe you did some work last year that needs to be cleaned up may be pressure cleaning.

Well you know we did your driveway and house last year it’s time to freshen that up to kill the mildew and the algae. The same thing with a painting you could put together something for an interior touch up, a walk-through discount. a

So, these are just some things you know you can do that with. You need. Like I said you need to get to thank you. There is a, go on the Internet you can find out. Pull up weird holidays and it’ll give you a calendar of certain things that are happening weird like.

So, you want to get weird and have fun with the weird holidays. OK so here’s a couple I just pulled up and here’s some thoughts as they go through January 4th is National Spaghetti Day. What if you boxed up a pound of spaghetti and you send it overnight mail or something like that and said Hey It’s National Spaghetti Day. It January 4th just wanted to celebrate that with you.

Here are some thoughts. Oh, here’s January 15th Blue Monday, however you want to do that. January 13th National Pie Day. February 9th is National Bagel Day. Here’s one, February 5th World Nutella a day.

So, you see where I’m going with this you could have so much fun by doing stuff. One time I had buttons made up according to holidays. You know some buttons made up I had. It’s not my fault day. Sent him out to a bunch of customers for fun. So, there’s so much you could do just to make them feel important.

What makes some feel important that you are paying attention to them. That’s what makes them feel important. So how are what are some of the ways you can come up with zillion ways to make them feel important? It’s always but it’s always making you at the top of their mind.

So, when someone thinks about her they’re talking about having the service that you do when they hear that they go oh here’s Bob you need to give him a call. Here’s his number. And you know so you might. Oh, I was thinking about this here’s the thing you could send them your contact information in the form of attacks as say keep this on hand and just you know when you think about us and you’re in a conversation you might want to just send this over to a friend.

Your whole contact information so good it’s there. So, I know that this is going to make if you do this, this will put you so far ahead of your competition, that you don’t have to worry about anybody stealing your customers because they’ll be yours for life.

So, let’s take it a little bit further just a little bit further depending on the business you’re in and the contracting that you do so let’s say that you’re a remodel contractor. Couldn’t you take pictures of all the work you did to do before and after picture put it in a postcard and say “Hey can I send these to your friends that they know that you just updated your house and that and you might have their real estate agent in there and fun stuff like that.” So that’s another one.

Here’s another one so that I that I know that some people do. And it is a killer strategy. I mean a real killer strategy. Depending again the contracting business you do if you’re remodeler you do kitchens and bathrooms but mostly kitchens. This could be done with an outdoor barbecue or something like that is do you know the before or after picture or do the pictures say we just and celebrate the picture had this huge 6 by 6 by 9 inches. I think the postcard made because you can actually make those up and you can send them out for 49 cents. They don’t go out Lark’s mail and send them out to their friends inviting them to a dinner party to the new kitchen the new outdoor grill.

It’s that’s really. How do I do this? Why would I do this? Why would I spend the money? You know you just add that to the price figure. Five hundred bucks and you want to really so I here’s one that’s just at 500 dollars for the party. You tell them Listen we’d like to throw help you throw up. We would like to throw a party for you when this is all finished. And of course, now you’re going to be on your best behavior all the way through this deal. You’re going to have to keep in touch with them you have to keep contact when they going to be better than anybody else, so they will allow you to do this.

I had one contractor that I was talking with and he was doing a kitchen remodel in a house that I had just painted and we had the same coach, same business coach and he goes ha I’m doing you know the remodel for this customer and I’m running into a small challenge because she runs her business out of her house and she has the back bedroom which I knew that and I said So what’s going to make you different than every other contractor that comes in.

He goes I what do you mean. I go well here’s the deal. They’re really nice people. They want quality more than price. I know that because I’ve dealt with them. And if you go into the transaction with listen we know that it’s going to be a pain in the neck for you to be there with all that work going on and all that noise and all that chaos. This is what I’m going to do. I’m going to rent you an office space for a week or two weeks till we get through the front of the demolishing and contracting and noise and the chaos.

And I said I guarantee you that she will go for that and that will set you apart from everyone else that she’s getting a price from. So, if you do that I will almost guarantee that you get the job. And you know he did that because he wowed her. He wowed her, and he got the job. So, it’s all about how are you going and why your customer from the very beginning all the way to the end of the transaction. And then after the transaction so that she continues to keep a contact with them keep them on top of mind and continue to wow them.

And just by going over some of the things that we talked about in this podcast. Guaranteed that you’ll stay top of mind to all of your clients now and for everyone you do business within the future because the key is make them feel important and when they feel important they will never leave you. That’s the main reason customers leave because they feel like no one’s paying attention to them.

So, if you’re keeping in touch contact with them 12 or 14 times a year, you touch base with them even if you throw in a phone call to say Hey Hi just wanted to say hi and says thank you for past business, and if you don’t want to do it have somebody in the office do it for you. Hire somebody it doesn’t matter just get it done.

The key is to make them feel important. Wow, them, do things that no one else will do or is even considered to do. And be profitable. That’s the name of the game. Be profitable. So, it’s really the simple things that will grow your business to help you become more profitable to have more sustainable growth and then you know it’s your business you’re building for your lifestyle and make sure that you are in control of the business and the business is not in control of you. So, until the next time. Have a great week. Be profitable and we’ll see you again. Later.There are so many ways to do almost free marketing you just have to think about it or you could just go to the website and pick up the free download.

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