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November 14, 2017

How to Do 6 Figures in 6 Months by Ron Douglas is a no nonsense straight to the point book about just doing that within your business. Growing your business to that 6-figure mark fast.

Ron Douglas is husband and father of 8. Kicked out of high school in the tenth grade, Ron went to street racing and broke his back in a car accident at 18.

He was paralyzed from the waist down and learned to walk again making a full recovery. He became a prison guard and 19 and was on the riot team by 20. He worked death row from 22-24 and gained a unique perspective on life while there.

He has been an entrepreneur since he was 24 and has started and sold many companies. He has started several companies that were making over $1M in the first 12 months of operations. Ron has been on Discovery Channels Blue Collar Backer TV series for season 1. Realizing how much time it took away from his family, he turned down the offer for five more seasons and continues to help people on a more personal level.

He has been featured in NY Times, MSNBC, CBS, and FOX. He is the author of Six Figures in Six Months and loves the art of creating a business.

Some of the highlights we talked about today

Ron’s version of a vision board set up in 6 month increments basically it’s a working goal board start at the end and working forward.

An example you want to you have a business and you’re just starting out in a landscaping business and you want to be making one hundred thousand dollars. And want to do a hundred thousand dollars in a year.

You are going to break the 6 grids down to months, start with end and work back wards

Its like going on vacation and planning for a nice vacation you don’t just hop in the car and go. You make plans, what route do you want to go , how gas is it going to take , how many stops along the way and what are those stops going to be. Is it going to be an 8 hour a day drive or 10 or 12.  So many things to plan.

Yet many get in their business s and just go and then are not satisfied where they end up. By default, they chose the path and the end.

Ron’s unique approach to a mastermind

Ron like myself is a huge proponent of masterminds, but in one of his businesses he took a rather unique approach to the mastermind idea by creating one with his employees,

The results were transformational for all Ron’s business, and his employees. Each one of his employees grew to the point that 4 of the 5 went and started their own businesses. They became business owners one of the 4 purchase that business from Ron4 and the 5th still works at the company and the lead tech. I’m sure many business owners are thinking that’s crazy why would I do that train my employees to go into business for them self, my question why wouldn’t you , You are doing it all the time embrace it and help create a better business environment.


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