Discover How Accountability Can Help Create YOUR Success #51 | Contractor Marketing

January 8, 2015

Discover-How-Accountability-Can-Help-Create-YOUR-Success-51-Contractor-MarketingDiscover How Accountability Can Help Create YOUR Success #51 | Contractor MarketingToday we are talking about accountability. We’ve gone over the goals thing, setting your goals, having a clear marketing goal setting plan, an action so what’s next? Are you really going to do it and how do you do it so that it becomes a habit for you?

Really, sometimes it’s just too easy not to do it especially when you are trying to be accountable to yourself.

As a business owner we’re only accountable to ourselves to get things done and you have to think to yourself, “does that always work.” I know it doesn’t for me all the time.

So how do we set up accountability so that we have someone holding our feet to the fire to get things done that we said we want to get done. AND what’s the next step?

Unless you are really really really disciplined, the hardest part about accountability to yourself is the “I’ll do it tomorrow” syndrome.

So what are some of the solutions that are available to help you become accountable so that you reach the goals and plans that you said you wanted to achieve and that you’ve taken a lot of time to set that actually become a reality.

Some of the things that will help you become accountable to yourself and to your business are:

  • I know that for me one of the major thing to help me become accountable and keep me on track is a coach that helps me go through my action plan on my goals.
  • And another avenue is a mastermind. I belong to where we help each other to become accountable to the things that we’ve wanted to get done for different ideas and thoughts we thought about that help us put with our businesses and growth ideas.
  • Another great avenue for accessing an accountability partner is a mentor someone that comes alongside you. Someone that you may have sought out or one that has offered to come along side of you to help you with your business and your goals.
  • Especially regarding the things that you would like done with your business it could be someone in your particular field that has become successful they could also be someone that’s not in your trade that has a different perspective on business than you do and can actually help you see some of the things were you’re too close to the situation to see for yourself.

To be successful being accountable to someone other than our self is a positive move in the right direction.

No man or woman is an island to themselves.

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