Delivering Overwhelming Service with Vance Morris episode 130

July 14, 2016

Vance Morris’s Deliver Service Now Institute

Vance teaches you he learned from the mouse (Mickey that is) about customer service and how you can use the same customer service techniques to grow your business, keep customers for life and build a sales team of raving fans.

The Disney Company is one of the best companies that is all about customer service. They realize that it’s the customer and the customer experience that makes Disney a household name.

So when you go to work at Disney, they teach you about the company,  its values, and how they think about the customer for a day and a half  before your even get the employee hand book. Pretty amazing!

Customer service is more than a department, it the experience the customer goes through that keeps them coming back in the future.

You could actually put customer service in the revenue generating category.

Creating the customer experience comes with a price. Usually higher prices for your business and higher profits.

It takes more money to create the customer experience. Thanks you cards, thanks you gifts, nicer uniforms, better trucks, more employee training, these are some of the things that will move you to the top of your game and way ahead of your competition.

Your so called competition is afraid to game up. They are so in the mindset that the all the customer is thinking about is price so they are losing at the customer service game.

Why? Because they are coming to the game with the wrong set of instructions.

Think about WOWing your customer.

Wowing your customer will actually reduce your ad spend because they are selling for you with referrals, they become lifelong customers. By wowing  your customers you also increase their lifetime value.

You have to have a system for everything you do, that is what will make your business successful.

That’s how you get people to give you a review on Google. By creating a system.

Vance is a direct response marketer and knows how to get measurable results.

He knows how create marketing pieces to get potential customers to respond to and have the follow up system to drip on that potential customer so they don’t forget about you  when they are actually ready to buy.

With Disney style service and direct style marketing you build a unique style of business.

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