Creating Your Blueprint For Successful Goal Setting

July 7, 2017

UP and Running

Creating Your Blueprint For Successful Goal Setting

Most of us business owners and service contractors, whether you are a plumbing contractor, roofing contractor, painting contractor, home remodeling contractor, matter of fact any contractor or business owner is we all have a tendency to fly by the seat of our pants.

If we want to really grow our businesses, then we really need to take the time to plan for the future.

None of us would take a vacation without planning. Can you imagine building your dream home without a blueprint, of course you wouldn’t. Same thing with your business and your future it takes a blueprint ,goals on where you want to go and how you are going to get there.

In this series of on Goal Setting Building Your Blueprint for the Future.

Each one of the episodes in this series has a tremendous number of nuggets brought to you by different personalities.

As you go through make or take notes on how you are going to put the nuggets to work for you so you can achieve those goals and desires of creating a successful and profitable business enterprise.

In this series

We put this  series together to help you move one step closer toward your dream business. The one that can run without you in the trenches but in the captain’s chair, navigating your way to financial freedom. One step at a time, one system at a time.

To having your business build you the lifestyle you  want and deserve,

Dave Negri
Contractor’s Secret Weapon Podcast

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