Crazy Conversations About Customers at the Paint Store | Contractors Secret Weapon Episode 148

November 17, 2016

Interesting Customer Conversations at the Paint Store with Dave Negri (Contractors Secret Weapon Podcast)

I went to the paint store today and was standing around talking with some of the painters in the store and somehow we started talking about some of the crazy things customers say and ask when we go to give an estimate or proposal.

Hopefully you haven’t come across these in your business and I’m sure you can relate on some level.

So just sit back and listen to some of the funnies and some of the crazy.

As you listen to some of these stories think about the interaction that took place and also think about the customer and what actually could be going on in their head,.

Everything that happened in your business is some sort of a learning experience; hopefully it’s to make you better on many levels. A better business person, an all-around better person.

Always try to have fun with your business… people are really a hoot!

Check out this episode!

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