Contractor SEO – Why Naming Your Product Correctly Is So Important

December 11, 2013

With all the new changes coming in from Google, Contractor SEO (search engine optimization) is even more important than ever when naming your products and services (we know most of you already have a great company name and we are not going to ask you to change it!)

What new changes from Google you ask? Google is no longer providing access in their analytics to see what keywords people have used to search for your website. This is devastating to those of us who care about these things, but we really believe it will open up a door for smaller companies to compete on an even footing when the big guys can’t use this data to manipulate search results.

So what does this have to do with naming your products or services? We see A LOT of contractors who have gotten a hold of a branding or marketing book that says to “BE MEMORABLE”, suggesting that they name their pressure washing services something cute like “Joes with a hose”…now don’t get us wrong, we think that is catchy too, BUT it will not be found on Google for what Joe is actually selling, “pressure washing in Spokane Washington” or something like that.

With today’s connected online world, this is even more important than ever! You will have many opportunities to list your products and services, each which comes with a chance that someone will do a search, find you and call for a quote….here are just a few of the places that you can list your services:

  • On your website
  • Any associations that you belong to (fill out the whole profile, this is a GREAT source of referrals)
  • LinkedIn profile page
  • LinkedIn company page
  • Facebook business page (the profile data is hidden in FB and Google can’t see it)
  • Google+ profile description
  • Google+ company description
  • Pinterest board descriptions
  • YouTube video titles

Now, there are about a gagillion more, but I think you are starting to get an idea…name your products and services something that you would actually like to get found for!

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