Contractor in Charge HELPING You Make More Profits | Episode 123

June 2, 2016

CIC is all about helping you make more profits by outsourcing the things you dislike the most and letting you do what you do best … doing your trade and creating profits by selling your services.

So exactly what is Contractor in Charge? Contractor in Charge is a virtual office service for specialty trade contractors.

They do everything from acting as a remote location on your behalf,  front office tasks, handling calls and doing dispatching by remotely logging into your software.

They also do virtual bookkeeping and bill paying … all done digitally for your convenience.

CIC can even do outbound and inbound calls for their clients. Some fun extra things include  calling customers to schedule times for their yearly maintenance agreements for the spring and the fall.

They can answer your phone for your office without being in your office. They can do outbound calling, bookkeeping and  can offer is a complete package or an ala cart  menu so if you just need bookkeeping they can take care of that or if you need someone  to take  outbound calling they can do that or  if you just need someone for the front office part of your business they can do that. Like we mentioned before, there is an ala carte option. Just what you need!

Right now they are looking at adding on weekend dispatching  to integrate into the contractors work schedule. This is just one why they strive to help contractors become free of the day -to-day workings of their business.

Let Contractor In Charge start helping you focus on revenue generating parts of your business… not saying the other parts are not important, but allowing someone else to do that for you so you can focus on the revenue generating and the profits that you want to bring into your company. Letting someone take care of the things that you never really want to do it to begin with.

The amazing part of the Contractor In Charge program is that you’re sharing resources instead of hiring people to work a full-time job that you really don’t have full-time work for.

So by using this system, what you’re doing is you’re sharing in the cost savings in alignment with efficiency.

Just think about it.. you don’t have any payroll taxes, you don’t have anybody calling in sick, no filling in for office staff for vacations, no pregnant leave, you don’t have anybody learning your business and then becoming competition.

You have a professionally trained,  dedicated staff of people only committed to the tasks at hand fueling your business and its growth.

The Contractor In Charges purpose is to help their clients grow.

You can get a hold of Lynn of Contractor in Charge by calling their direct line at (813) 438-3666 nationwide

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