Construct-Ed A New Platform for Contractor Learning with Jeremiah Rizzo | Episode 159

February 2, 2017

Construct-Ed A New Platform for Contractor Learning with Jeremiah Rizzo | Episode 159

Finally, a place you can go to as a contractor to learn some of the basics and finer points of the construction industry to learn on an individual subject basis.

It’s a very easy process, you access your account, you pick a subject you want to learn about you can watch it or listen to it or read it at your leisure take notes as you go and go back as often as you want. You never have to worry about where did I put that on my drive, what file is it in? Or where you printed it out and put it you don’t have to worry about what you did with it it’s all here at Construct-Ed.

You never have to worry about where it went to where you put it you just log into your account and it’s there forever.

The only thing you should do is remember your password.

So, the mission of construction- ed is to help contractors to grow their businesses with courses and programs that are written by pros that are actually working in the field on a day-to-day basis or have done so.

Everything from business management to trade skills, to how to install to marketing to sales and SEO.

A plethora of knowledge that can help you grow your business to the next level.

One of the biggest challenges that most contractors have is that as we grow our businesses, we don’t grow our minds our knowledge to get our businesses to where we want our businesses to grow.

I believe it was John Maxwell who talked about the Law of the Lid.

Meaning that as a leader our organizations will grow only to the amount of learning and education and leadership that we have learned. Our organizations can never grow past ourselves, so if we want to grow our businesses in profitability and structure and stature and more employees, then the first thing that has to grow is us, or else the business will  never get past ourselves. We become the stumbling block our  business will never go past that.

It is cheaper by far than a college education and it’s on-demand you can come and go as you please.

Now, the biggest challenge is going to have is the coming and going is to set time aside time to diligently study and go through that what you purchased so that you will get the most out of it.

I think the key to Construct-Ed or any learning platform is number one, to take it seriously!

Set time aside for YOU learning just like you were going to go to set aside time to go to college and don’t stray from that. I say don’t stray from that because what you want to do is create good habits for learning from growing for profitability

So if you come to Construct-Ed look at all these awesome teaching programs  that are available and you think to yourself, “these are some awesome classes, but I’ll come back after I’ve straitened out some of the business challenges.”

Incorrect thinking

I’m going to go to Construct-Ed to see what kind of program they have that I can learn from that will help me solve the problem that’s driving me crazy and I’m going to take that course so I can overcome that challenge and move on to becoming more profitable.

So follow along as I talk with Jeremiah about the learning platform, Construct-Ed.

Just want you to stop by and take a look and see how this can help you with your business, to get the education from the pros that have already made all the mistakes and are willing to share that information with you so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.

So go to construct-ed

And you can email Jeremiah

and you can put in the promo code secret weapon to get your first class at 50% off

Check out this episode!


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