Completing the Task with Dave Negri 227

November 22, 2017

As contractors we tend to do things halfway so today is about completing the task. Why do we do things half way?

We get excited and distracted by so many things that are going on in our business like add new strategies, new thoughts, new tools, new products that we take them all in at once and we get so excited and distracted by them about it that we.

And we don’t get it we do it half way because there’s just too much to do and we haven’t created a system to do it so like if you’ve been in business for five years there’s no reason that you should be waiting around for the phone right.

You should have five different goals systems in place that you’re working on.

Going beyond five really is a recipe for disaster if you have picked the top five most important things that you want to happen within your business. And you really want to get down to three things especially on a daily basis.

Have you ever read Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy that’s super book on getting things done in in the way that you want to get them done but it will be the hard things first?

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We all have a tendency to get distracted and I know I do to have a little A.D.D.

We are always putting out fires and this is one of many reasons why we don’t stick to the task at hand of the things we want to do because we’re always putting out fires we need to be the fire chief.

Not the fire department so the fire chief points people in a right direction he directs the process.

Sit back and look and see what are the important things, what are the tasks that I need to do that are important to keep my business running so that I can create a step by step system in place.

We’re going back to plans again of how to get this done so that it gets done in the proper fashion so that we stay on task and we get things done and there’s nothing worse than starting a project getting something half-finished and then putting it aside half complete with no end in sight to completing the tasks.

The key to completing the task, finishing the project is to make a plan then follow the  plan step by step. Keep it simple

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