My Top Answers To Common Marketing Questions I Always Get Asked Episode 94

November 12, 2015

This week I am going to answer some of the most often asked questions that I get about contractor marketing. I have gotten these questions from my contact us form on the site, at in-person speaking events and even just day-to-day as I talk with my contractor friends.

How you can get more clients…and not just more…but higher paying clients!

The main idea is to know who your target is. Who is the type of customer that you enjoy doing business with? That is the person you should be marketing to. Once you have the proper target then you can market with the correct message. With the correct message, our marketing gets the right responses.

How you can make (a lot) more money…so you have a bigger cash flow…and more profits and cash in the bank!

What could you do with 10% more money? It really is that simple. Start tomorrow, raise your prices by 10%, no one will even notice. Are you not worth it? Are you afraid you’ll lose business? I know from experience you won’t lose any business.

How you can easily charge higher prices to increase revenues instantly without losing business… and still compete in the marketplace against “low priced” companies!

You do this by providing value. You start this by having your marketing show the benefits of working with you. Why your company is better than your competition. Then when you do create new business you over deliver by creating value, and when the sale is over you send them a thank you card and possibly a gift.

How you can get more referrals and more repeat business without spending a fortune on advertising.

A good referral rewards system by thanking the people who refer you will add to your bottom line. A referral has the lowest customer cost.

How you can create a steady stream of jobs…without wasting money on ads that don’t work…

Multiple streams of marketing. The more forms of marketing you have in place, the fuller your funnel is. The fuller your funnel is, the more business you have at your discretion.

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