Can Other Businesses Help You Hit the Bullseye of Your Target? 197

October 11, 2017

Who can get you in front of your target?

What other types of businesses that have the same types of customers you have that  can get you in front of your target market.

Sometimes it makes sense to go after other businesses who can introduce you to your ideal client.

I’m going to use my buddy Justin as an example he has a contracting business where he does foundational work for all homes. His best clients are those who own older homes.

If he marketed to those people individually in these old sections of town he basically wouldn’t get much of a result in his marketing, he would be spending dollars with mostly empty results.

But when these homeowners find out that they need services like his.

It becomes very important to them that his services will solve their problem.

Their need is triggered when these home owners go to sell their home.

What Justin has done is he’s created a team that helps his company be the go to company that can fix their foundation problem.

His team consist of

  • real estate agents in those areas where homes with foundation problems are
  • home inspectors who inspect homes in those areas
  • insurance agents who will insure these homes in those areas.

What he does is create letters of introduction, letters on how to solve the pain of that home seller who wants to sell his home but can’t because he now has a house that can’t be mortgaged by a bank or insured UNTILL the foundation is repaired.

Let’s say the realtor has a homeowner that wants to sell but has a challenge because an inspector found some foundational cracks or some structural problems that that need to be repaired because now it’s important.

The insurance company, the realtor, and the home inspector these three types of people make up his outer circle of his target that will, lead him directly to his ideal customer which we’re going to call the bull’s eye.

Who can you use or who can use you to help solve problems that will get you to your target market.

This strategy is awesome there is not of dollars to be spent on marketing to attract new customers as there is in the conventional form of marketing.

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