Building a Dependable Client Attraction System with Johnson Emanuel 141

September 29, 2016

Building a Dependable Client Attraction System with Johnson Emanuel, Episode 141

Attract the Right Clients at the Right Price (anytime you need it)

Johnson Emanuel is a business growth & strategic marketing consultant.

He helps coaches, consultants, professional service providers, & others to create, package and launch high ticket offers and build a dependable clients attraction system so they can consistently attract clients at the right price anytime they want and scale their revenue.

Creating a system that predictable and repeatable like multiplying 4×4 and getting 16.

It starts with knowing who your ideal client or customer is and believing that you have what it takes to create high ticket sales.

Remember only you can determine what you are worth. So you probably need to think highly of yourself and your services and products that you have to offer.

It’s not your customer it is you and only you that will determine your worth.

It’s our responsibility to solve problems not just provide services and products.

Johnson Emanuel specialty is helping business owners and teaches them…

1:  How to Package & launch High Ticket Program

2: How to Attract High-Ticket Clients Even If You Are Just Getting Started, Charge Any Price You Want at Anytime

3: How To Build A Dynamic Marketing & Sales Funnel That Converts High Ticket Clients Consistently While Building Goodwill in your marketplace.

With the marketing funnel you want to create a lead magnet to get them to raise their hand so you can get them into your sales funnel.

OUR BIG & BOLD STATEMENT… We Will Help You Optimize Your Revenue, Freedom and Impact

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