Brian Phillips interview The Why of Systems for Your Contracting Business Episode 116

April 14, 2016

Brian Phillips has been a painting contractor for 30 years. For the past 15 years, he has been training contractors in system development for their business. Through his website, He provides contractors with resources to develop systems for every area of the business, helping his clients to better build sustainable profitable businesses.

Systems need to be in writing! If it’s not in writing and done verbally it’s not consistent, sort of like playing that kid’s game of telephone where the message fades over time.

The nice part about systems is that the systems create a duplicable process each and every time.

So how do you create systems? Brian says to first sit down and figure out maybe the 3 biggest problem areas you are having and just start with them. It could be customer service, it could be to make sure the vehicle is stocked properly before leaving for a job, to a simple flow chart for work procedure. But what ever it is, start with the 3 that are the biggest and when you have them documented then go to the next 3 and so on until you have your operations manual.

By taking care of these 3, it will relieve so much stress in your life and free up your time.

Its like trying eating the elephant, you do it just one little piece at a time. The ultimate goal is to document what you want done and how you what it done.

It’s really important to get it out of your head. This is the key is getting consistent results. Sometime the problems we have with in our business are interrelated and, if handled properly, will eliminate ancillary problems.The systems we create will help us to be better business people in the market place.

Within our systems we help our client’s solve their problems but we have to ask them  a series fo questions to find out what they are so we can effectively solve the problems. Yes, that is a system too.

Systems help us run our business instead our businesses running us.

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