Bonus Interview: Doug Rucker New President of UAMCC – Episode 74

June 25, 2015

Bonus interview with Doug Rucker: New President of UAMCC

The reason we put together this podcast is for 3 reasons…

1) to introduce Doug Rucker as the new president of the UAMCC.
2) to create a vehicle for all the members so they could have something simple and easy to pass on to someone they think should join the UAMCC and help make their businesses better.
3) to help anyone who is a lonely contractor to find an organization that will help you grow you and your business!

Make sure to listen to the end, I’m giving something valuable away today!

Quote of the week for those who have employees

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” – Simon Sinek

This Week’s Interview

This week I wanted to welcome and introduce Doug Rucker, the new president of the UAMCC, and to let our audience get a look into the organization and what they do to help mobile contract cleaners, like pressure cleaners, roof cleaners, window cleaners, carper cleaners and any business that cleans mobile.

Right off the bat I asked Doug, “What is the main purpose of UAMCC?” His response was to help teach industry members how to be informed and to run a business profitably.

The Organization holds many networking events around the country where contractors and suppliers vendors meet to be educated about the industry and new things coming up in the industry. You also get to meet other contractors and share ideas.

And then there is one yearly national event coming up in Charleston S.C Sept 10th through the 12th.

The UAMCC offers certifications in many areas to help you be more professional and to show your customers that you are being continually educated in your industry. This hows that you care and have a higher degree of professionalism. You become the expert.

You may say, “no has ever asked me if I am certified”, but like Doug said, your $350.00 roof cleaning customer is never going to ask. However, if you are a commercial cleaner or work on high end homes, these are the people who want to know that the company who is proposing to work on their home or condo project is not a beginner.

There are 2 types of memberships in the UAMCC, 1) a free membership that actually lets you try out the group. Then there is 2) a paid membership that you invest in. The amazing thing is that the associate members have put together a bunch of discounts and free items that, in the end, pays you back for joining if you take advantage of all the certificates.

If you want to check out the UAMCC further you can call Nicole at 1800.816.3240 or visit

Make sure you scroll down to “Free Charleston UAMCC National Annual Convention” to learn more.

>> Now for my free gift. For the first 8 people on the podcast that sign up for the UAMCC and email me their proof of a paid contributing member I’ll send you the report I’ve put together, “How to keep in touch and WOW your customers”. This includes all the cards that I’ve personalized for my contracting business and put into a Send Out Cards system along with which gifts to give why and when. And I also throw in start-up subscriptions to Send Out Cards for your business. Value $159.00 but it has made me tens of thousands dollars over the years!

And for all you who listened and are members and want this program listen next week and I’ll show you how to get your copy of my system.

Thank you to our sponsors this week who make this program available to you.

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Check out this episode!


bonus-interview-doug-rucker-UAMCC-1024x683Bonus Interview: Doug Rucker New President of UAMCC - Episode 74

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