Bonus Interview: Clint Jones With N2 Publishing, Owning Your Community – Episode 71

June 4, 2015

Quote of the week:

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. Mark Twain

This week I wanted to take you to different place in our marketing experience.

I came across our guest a couple of weeks ago and like many contractors feel, I didn’t want to meet with Clint.

Mainly because I did not want to be sold a piece of advertising to fill up some guys print magazine. I met with Clint for 3 reasons:

  1. I was referred to him by a realtor that I know and respect.
  2. He said some right wording like he would like to be able to recommend me to the homeowners in the Highlands of Innisbrook. This particular community is one that I have done a lot of work in and wanted to do more.
  3. I did it for you for more material for the podcast, knowing for sure I would be able to tell you what to stay away from in your marketing plans.

Big SURPRISE! when I met with Clint and he gave me the rundown on N2 publishing, I got real interested.

For many reasons this company has grown exponentially because they have figured out to make their publication involve the community. Sort of what Facebook has done, but on a community level.

They have a great layout with lots of white space so your ad stands out and gets noticed. However, you have to remember to make your ad appealing with a call to action. They will help you with your ad and its like having a graphic arts department working for you. For a small (I mean small) fee you can change your ad each month. And you can use that ad anywhere else you want to advertise.

To say the least, you can tell I am impressed. So impressed I went with the publication because I’m working in this exclusive area and I want to own it. I want the community to know who I am and refer me.

And for the price I’m paying for my ad, I cannot market to each one in that subdivision. That is some 220 homes that start at $800K. This is a marketing strategy on farming and branding in an exclusive area that I want to own. In the future I will probably do some direct mail marketing in addition to the ad. Guaranteed I get a better response because of my association with N2 publishing.

If you have any questions of Clint Jones of N2 publications said give him a call and he will point you in the right direction.

Clint Jones
Cell 813-463.6012

Bonus Resource:

If you are targeting high end homes in your area, this is the best way to get started!


start-working-with-high-end-clientsBonus Interview: Clint Jones With N2 Publishing, Owning Your Community - Episode 71



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bonus-interview-clint-jones-1024x683Bonus Interview: Clint Jones With N2 Publishing, Owning Your Community - Episode 71

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