Bonus Interview Victor Clarke Expert Marketer, Helping You To Be Better Do More | Episode 115

April 7, 2016

For over 30 years Victor Clarke has helped companies like yours make more profit by helping them be better at what they do so they can do more.

Victor’s company, Clarke, Inc., has successfully transitioned its business operation away from a dedicated offset printing company. Today Clarke, Inc. works with businesses that do not have a dedicated marketing staff to manage their communications and redeploy them.  This includes print and digital communications or some combination of both.  Clarke, Inc.’s philosophy is to help its clients “Be Better and Do More”.

Victor’s company helps his customers make sense of digital and print marketing and helps them create systems that make sense and work.

Clarke, Inc. helps their clients create websites that attracts, nurtures and delights their prospects and clients. A lot of it starts with a good lead generating web site.

A marketing website is a sales person who works for you 24 hours a day.

Your website needs to help your prospects, not try to sell them.

People are silently looking for help. If your site offers that type of help you have drawn in the customer. 60% of people are silently looking for help and really don’t want to talk to anyone any more.

You website is sort of your base camp. Keep your marketing so that it drives your prospect to your web site.

Direct mail is not dead! It’s ok to get something in the mail from an unsolicited source. But it’s frowned upon to get an unsolicited email. The funny thing about mail… if done properly it will get opened.

Let’s look at direct mail as an opportunity to build your sales funnel, not just for the transaction.

Using the digital arena for your marketing, make sure you get them to sign up for your email list using your blog.

Victor Clarke’s company is on the cutting edge of helping their clients and future clients make sense of their print and digital marketing by combining them to get the results that are needed to compete in today’s market place.

You can contact Victor Clarke at


You can also connect with Victor by phone 434-847-5561





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