Bonus Interview: Thomas Kurtz Contractor Episode 80

August 6, 2015

Bonus Interview Thomas Kurtz Contractor, contractor marketing Episode 80

This week I got an opportunity to talk with Thomas Kurtz of Whole 9 Yards, a building contractor from North Carolina.

Thomas has one unique approach to developing his business, an “out of the box” type of contractor marketing that he discusses rather in-depth.

While talking with him, he mentioned his desire to help other contractors in the area that he services. He works to help them come together and partner up with him in a sense and create a front end and a back end for their business. This allows the contractor be more proficient in an area he is excellent at.

It’s a rather unique approach to business.

I found it interesting that he was thinking way ahead in the processes of his business by creating four different basic kitchen plans and four different bath plans. This is so that it would be easier for salesmen to sell and keep things as simple for the estimators. He has some great ideas! If you are in Thomas’s area, contact him a learn how you might be able to join his team.

Thomas Kurtz, Whole 9 Yards

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Bonus-Interview-Thomas-Kurtz-Contractor-1024x683Bonus Interview: Thomas Kurtz Contractor Episode 80

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