Bonus Interview with Reed Dillon Its All About Good Content | Contractor Marketing Podcast Episode 117

April 21, 2016

Reed Dillon is a highly talented, growth-driven, and award-winning executive, powered with broad-based years of experience in advertising and marketing while possessing a stellar reputation in utilizing out-of-the-box techniques in building brand awareness.

Taking that expertise and knowledge and creating his own company, Creative Brand Content, a national marketing consulting company specializing in Content Marketing, Marketing Planning and Digital Strategies for the builders and the construction industry.

As well he recently started This is a subscription blog service exclusively for modular home builders.

Reed believes that content is king especially in today’s digital marketplace.  It’s likening the difference between a person standing on the side of the road holding a sign just standing there and someone else on the side of the road with a sign jumping up and down twirling the sign getting noticed.

Good content posted to your blog on a consistent basis is getting you attention.

  • Blogging gets 55% more traffic than just a plain static website,
  • There are a myriad of opportunities that blogs can create by growing a community of followers
  • You want sharable information to the consumer
  • Your blog post could be 10 most frequently asked questions about your type of service
  • These should be written into 10 separate blogs

Blogs can influence the consumers thought process,  the content can debunk myths and lead then to make intelligent buying decisions.

Your blog is a gateway to your website.

If you don’t have the time to regularly post onto you blog you might consider a service like Reeds that will write and post on a regular basis to have a active voice of experience and expertise in your market place.

Every piece of marketing done within your business is an investment in future profits.

The consumer  will research you before the ever do business, so your content needs to be  consistently fresh and updated. Blogs are like Swiss army knives, they are multi-functional.

About Reed Dillon

You can connect with Reed Dillon at

Phone : +540 488 2978

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