Bonus Interview :: Pete Mitchell, How You Can Double Your Profit In 6 Months With These Strategies (Episode 73)

June 18, 2015

This week we bring back Pete Mitchell to talk about how you too can double your profits in 6 month with these amazing strategies.

Pete always has some great ways to increase your business, that’s why I enjoy having him on the program. This week Pete brings us some great no-nonsense, easy to implement strategies.

He goes in to the reasons you might not need to create sales to bring in business and explains it in a way that really makes sense.

He also goes into ways to bring in a steady supply of leads by using the right people who can actively get you more business and create more profit for your company.

Pete Mitchell even takes this strategy a few steps further to show how to make those leads come in on amore regular basis using our favorite maintenance marketing.

Who doesn’t want more business to come in on a regular basis, especially the target market you’ve chosen to go after. Now you have people giving you leads because you’ve done a few things to keep those leads coming in on a regular basis. How much business can you have? Well that’s up to you.

He shows you how to create a lead generating machine that keeps on giving and then he goes into creating an ongoing maintenance program that keeps your customers spending on a regular basis.

Pete Mitchell really delivers some great content for growing your business

If you need to get a hold of Pete you can call 1.800.551.4376

Also you can go to


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Check out this episode!

how-to-double-profits-six-months-pete-mitchell-1024x683Bonus Interview ::  Pete Mitchell, How You Can Double Your Profit In 6 Months With These Strategies (Episode 73)

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