Bonus Interview Brian Kaskavalciyan 5 Step Action Plan for Getting More Referrals for your Contracting Business #54

January 27, 2015

We have a special guest Brian Kaskavalciyan who we wanted to introduce you to for 2 reasons, number one reason we are interviewing Brian today is, as you know we talk about our friend the roofer a lot on this pod cast.  Brian and our friend the roofer are doing a function together to help roofers grow their business.

Later we will talk about who our friend is and the function they are doing on February 19th and 20th.  


We want to introduce Brian today because Brian has been part of our roofers team for about the last five years and because of  Brian’s influence with  his  marketing skills lends itself  to one of the reasons  our roofer friends business has grown over the years.


If you follow this pod cast some times on the podcast we’ve talked about our friend the roofer who does many of the right things to make his business successful and profitable.


So let me introduce Brian.


Brian Kaskavalciyan is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and marketing strategist. Brian is best known as the preeminent expert on relationship marketing in the home improvement industry.


As an entrepreneur he’s owned 5 home improvement companies, one of which he built from scratch into a multi-million dollar national franchise. That company was on the Qualified Remodelers “Top 500″ list for 3 straight years and was designated as a “Fast55″ company by Franchise Times magazine.


Brian is the author of the book “How to Double Your Profits in Six Months or Less“. He’s also writen numerous reports including “How to Turn 1 Customer Into 5!” and “4 Hot Marketing Strategies That Can Flood Your Business With Customers, No Matter What Condition the Economy Is In.“


Brian talks about relationship marketing on how that you can keep a viable business going even in down economies  if you have relationships with your customers and only those who have relationships with their customers are the ones that  pulled out of the downturn we just came out of.


And he says we will go through another one so those down turns again maybe not as bad  but we will and only those who have established relations hips with their customers  will prosper in the future.


Brian goes through his 5 step action plan for getting more referrals and repeat business


1. You have to be committed to the idea that I am going to be my customer’s contractor for life and that they are going to be my customer for life.


2 You have to earn the right for referrals and repeat business. You have to deliver a memorable experience. You have to instill enough confidence in your customer that if they do refer you that you are preform as well for the referral l as you did for them.


3 Appreciation making them feel special for doing business with you and your company. There are many ways you can do that thank you gifts, cards, notes, you can actually use appreciation as a marketing strategy to go after more business.


4. Getting feedback get a survey from your customer use a third party don’t rely on your own people to try to get a survey done by your customer but they amount out or get someone else to take care that for you.  You need to know how your company did, well or needs to improve. How can you be better without feedback?


5. Keep in touch with your customer it’s your responsibility to keep in touch with your customer so they know who you are and how to get ahold of you, that’s an ongoing job all the time touch them all the time and the best way is a written newsletter that you can send emails you can send notes you can send them gifts but the most consistent thing is a monthly newsletter in the mail.

Everything in Brian does such of his clients for success


Next we going to the function that Brian and our friend Arry at Arrys Roofing of Tarpon Springs Florida will be hosting a working mastermind event open to 20 businesses, roofers on February 19 and 20th that will be held at the Innisbrook resorts in Pam harbor FL.


The best way to find out more about that is to actually call Brian directly his number is 305-856-8788 to get more information on the event   and see what you need to do to qualify for that event because seating is limited to only 20 contractors call Brian at 305-856-8788 to see if there are any openings available.


This will be a jam packed event that will introduce you:

This is just a sampling of your 2 day event.

  • ·         How to and show you how to exponentially grow your business by activating the seven home-improvement sales and profit multiplier’s
  • ·         You will be shown how to generate more high quality leads. 
  • ·         They will you how to consistently sell at higher prices than your competition. Yes sell for higher prices than your competition.  
  • ·         You will go through a workshop and in the workshop you will be shown how deliver a world-class customer experience so you can  as a roofer can get premium prices plus get more referrals than ever before because you’ve got the system in place.
  • ·         Your host will show you how Arrys roofing and other successful home-improvement companies create winning teams.


This event is designed to give you’re the necessary tools to go home and work on getting those unseen profits you’ve been missing out on so you can exponentially grow your business, so again to get a hold of Brian to find out more about this event call him directly at 305-856-8788 to find out the qualifications and see if it’s there are any seats available.

If you know of another non competing  contractor who could benefit from today’s information pass this podcast on.



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