Discover How To Be Top Ranked with Scott Dennison | Episode 164

March 9, 2017

Being Top Ranked with Scott Dennison | Episode 164

No matter what business you are in, everyone wants their business to be top ranked on Google.

Everyone wants to be recognized on the first page, but more importantly they want the leads. The calls they want to convert from those leads and calls for more paying business.

In Scotts book, Being Top Ranked, he talks about the 3 types of contractors. You need to get the book just to see what type of business owner you are.

In Scott Dennison’s book, he gives you the information on how to be that top ranked business.

He really has a desire for you to be that business owner that dominates his market. Why not you?

Somebody is! Why not knock them out of the way and dominate your marketplace.

So, what type of business person are you? Are you the guy who works out of the back of his truck doing those odd jobs to keep money coming because you don’t have enough of your core business to make any money?

Or the technician who is so busy doing everything himself in his business that he can grow.

Or are you the business man who knows that your job is to hire the right people to execute the work so you can work on growing the business.

I’m going to take a WAG and say you are either working up to the business owner and the business owner because you are listening to the podcast and gather all kinds of information to grow your business.

Get Scotts Dennison’s book / Becoming Top Ranked

Go to his web site get the information he has available for you to move in a positive direction

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phone (727) 388-6631
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