Have You Been Thinking About Doing Business With The FEDS? Expert Kevin Jans Sheds Some Light | Episode 112

March 17, 2016

Kevin Jans is the President and Founder of Skyway Acquisition Solutions (“Skyway”).

After 16 years as a Department of Defense contracting officer, he founded Skyway to help companies navigate the increasingly complex process of competing for Federal contracts.

Kevin built the company on the premise that no one knows the Federal acquisition system better than contracting officers who managed it from the inside. Following this idea, he built a team of experts with actual contracting officer experience. What separates this podcast is the insight that Kevin and Paul bring from having been Contracting Officers (COs).

Is the government market for me? How do I know if I want to do business with the government?

Here are some free websites to go to.. you do not have to pay to get this information or even to get yourself on the government list.  Kevin Jan’s gives us these free websites to go to:

Kevin Jans will email you his book for you to consider if doing business with government makes sense to you and your business, contact him at kevin@contractingofficerpodcast.com

The book is called Save Your time

The beauty of government work  is that you can break it all down into small niches.

You can pick a market down to a very do-able area. Only want to work in you county or surrounding counties? You can do that! You don’t have to crazy and look at what’s going on in the world.

You target everything, be it commercial or residential and you can even pick your targets with the government so target, target and target.

There is contracting and there is sub-contracting. Sometimes the best way to get started is to sub-contract.

Kevin Jans’ site, http://www.contractingofficerpodcast.com, has a tremendous amount of information for you to get a hold of concerning doing business with the government

So go to the contracting officer podcast and get a wealth of information about doing business with the Federal Government.

Check out this episode!

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