Becoming Consistent on Important Stuff with Dave Negri 228

November 23, 2017

Becoming consistent on the important stuff, what is important stuff, what’s not important stuff?

How do we do that become consistent? Did you know that it takes twenty-one days? To create a habit and it takes two days to stop a habit, well it seems like it takes two days.

If you stop really quick if it takes like forever to get started up again.

It’s sort of like pushing that car you know takes it two hands and it and you puff and you  push to get that car rolling and you’re pushing it and then as it rolls you could probably push with one hand well that’s what consistency is  like once you get it going on a steady pace its almost effort less but once you stop, you have to go through all effort to get up and running again.

One of my favorite sayings I live by is Never Give Up.

Why because its much easier to get up after the fall thane it is to start over again.

What makes us inconsistent?

  • We’re out of our comfort zone so we really don’t want to do it it’s not comfortable to do it.

So, keep doing it until it becomes comfortable, like walking what do you think would have happened if every time you fell down when you started walking your mom put you back in the crib and said I guess you’re not ready to start walking. Sounds crazy doesn’t it?

  • We don’t like change, we don t lie to be challenged we like the status quo.

In order to grow we have to embrace being uncomfortable, embrace change or we will get left behind our businesses won’t grow. We won’t grow.

John Maxwell put it this way paraphrased no one can grow past the leader if they do you are in big trouble.

He calls it the law of the lid.

Jim Rhone one of my favorite speaker talks about his boss telling him he need to make a million dollars Jim agreed whole heartily. But his boss’s response to that, was not for the money but what you will learn and become along the way>

So, grow

Create your systems for marketing, for follow up for being profitable create your goals and be willing to change and grow to get there.

By getting consistent on the important stuff it will come together for you.

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