Beating Procrastination with a Focused Driven Lifestyle with Lyman Montgomery 220

November 13, 2017

Let’s talk about what no one wants to admit to or even admit to is that we are all procrastinators on some level or another.

Today with Lyman Montgomery we are going to discover ways to beating procrastination by developing a focused driven lifestyle.

One of the profound statements I picked up from Lyman’s book Living a Focus Driven Life Style is “we are addicted to our distractions “

One of Lyman’s clients he was in sales and he was at his computer and literally get a jolt of energy every time the sales jumped to a three percent higher mark, I mean he literally every time he heard that little bell notification so yes I mean literally get addicted.

How about our phone we feel naked without it on us? We have the settings on sound, so we know when we get a text and have to look at.

How about when we post a comment on Social media we keep checking to see if any one responds. Absolutely crazy!

About that procrastination thing.

There’s basically four reasons why we as humans procrastinate


I’d say the top four excuses are

  1. I don’t know how to do it I haven’t been trained so they put it off.
  2. You didn’t tell me how you wanted it done and I don’t want to get in there and mess it up, so I didn’t do anything.
  3. I don’t know the one is well is boring is not challenging enough. It doesn’t excite me
  4. Why should I do this maybe someone else is better at doing it.

And so we convince ourselves number one, I don’t know how to do it number two is not challenging enough number three I don’t feel like doing it so I’m waiting on this magic easy button that I’m going to push and I’m going to be flooded with energy and excitement to do something and it never comes.

And then you have the lie as an excuse where well I’m not skilled someone else is much better at doing this and all of these become excuses rooted in an emotion called Fear. Fear that if I do it and do it well.

In his book Lyman talks about a concept called fifth F I S T. And what that stands for is all of us look at the facts.

To find out more about Lyman Montgomery and connect with him about living a more focused lifestyle.

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