Asking for The Money with Brian McNeill | CSW Podcast Episode 188

August 24, 2017

Asking for The Money with Brian McNeill… Today with Brian McNeill we get really into talking all about sales! Brian gives the readers of his new book the power to overcome objections, the power to isolate the close, and the power to close more sales.

Brian’s company since 1992 has helped companies to hire, fire, train, motivate, and develop sales people and he loves contractors, since that is where he started his sales career.

And you can tell that we have a ton of fun. In Brian’s new book, “Ask For The Money”, he stresses how anyone can close more sales. Even you.

Brian gives the reader the power to overcome objections, the power to isolate the close, and the power to close more sales.

We talk about some of the great authors that helped him with his sales, Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar and one of my absolute favorite authors Og Mandingo. In my early years Og’s books were like reading classics.

Brian’s book is easy to read with such great  content to you personally and to the sales situation.

In sales your integrity is at stake when you have a great product to sell and you don’t do your best to make that sale.

Brian calls it the sin of the desert. When you know where the water is and you won’t tell anyone else about it.

Brian has some profound teaching about sales that can, and will, get you to another level

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Go to his page for contractors,

Phone: (919) 345-4893


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