Are You Marketing Like a Farmer or Gleaning the Fields, Scraping Together The Leftovers | Episode 106

February 4, 2016

Are You Marketing Like a Farmer or Gleaning the Fields, Scraping together the left overs

What is a Farm?

You know what a farm is in the literal sense of the word. A “farm” is a geographic location where a farmer plants his crops and harvests them as his income.

Your farm is a geographic area where a you plant your branding and marketing seeds, nurture them until they ripen, and then harvest the yield for profit.

What you might not consider is the planning that goes into an actual farm. There are considerations like soil type; over using the ground causing it to grow fallow, and what crops will yield the highest monetary results

You need to become the expert in your market place (farm area) In order to do that you need to pick the best farm land that will produce the largest profits for the amount of fertilizing you will have to do .

So first you must pick the area you want to farm.

Will it be medium size homes, luxury homes, Apartment complexes, management associations, hospitals, parking garages? The list goes on.

You need a budget to plant seeds and fertilizer and to water that area to be able to pick out the weeds so you will get a good crop.

A good area to farm could be from 500 to 1000 people you want to consistently put yourself in front of.

What type of seed can you use for marketing?

  • Community paper
  • Post cards
  • Newsletters
  • Email marketing
  • Texting for marketing
  • Lumpy mail (one of my favorites for marketing)
  • Community Fundraisers
  • Facebook (Create your own neighborhood community page)
  • Buy a mailing list (one you can own not just rent)
  • Make videos

In all your correspondence you want to drive the people to your website so they will see your reviews and they can get your free reports that help prove you are the expert in that market place .

For community farming use your picture on your website and in your marketing…that will help brand you.

Have your customers put reviews on Google Places, get them to do it even if you have to bribe them. This one thing will help you dominate Google Places and put you at the top in your area.

Now with Pinterest and Facebook linked together, you can even use that for you farm.

Be different about your marketing to your farm. Remember this…your potential customer only remembers the memorable so be creative and energetic about what you put out here.

If you don’t plant the right seeds you will not get the right crop   

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