Alternative Avenues to Paid Marketing with Jasmine Powers episode 127

June 30, 2016

Alternative Avenues to Paid Marketing with Jasmine Powers | Episode 127

Jasmine has some unique thoughts on alternative marketing that can mean free marketing for your contracting business!

I think that some people think of marketing as only spending money on ads. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be, there are different alternatives with Jasmine Powers. Jasmine tells us how to think like an ad agency working on initiatives. This helps small businesses think about the new media opportunities that are available.

She talks about how to work with strategic partnerships on joint ventures, or you could to do co-branding content marketing and how do you use Twitter to its maximum without just tweeting out offers?

Ultimately we learn how to unlock some of the social media to so we have a bigger, larger benefit. Even Periscope can be used effectively in a local market!

Traditional marketing is always going to work. Whether it be an ad in the paper, a yellow page ad or even mail… our direct marketing nowadays means that we just have so many more avenues to reach new and potential clients.

So take a look at strategic partners… he’s advertising and because you are in a strategic partnership with him, you get the advantage of his online marketing. Matter of fact, you get in on all of his marketing if your strategic partnership is put together correctly.

So the nice thing about the strategic partnership is Twofold…

One, you can be introduced by your strategic a partner to their clients and have instant credibility in the market place because you are being referred to you by someone they like, know and trust.

And secondly, know if they sell your services and add it to their own list of services to sell, that’s a win-win situation because you’re being just treated as their business. That can  have monumental effect on the profitability of your business and theirs if done correctly.

Because of your strategic partners, you now have a reach that goes beyond your reach in the marketplace, which is sweet.

Another nice thing about strategic partnerships is that as you grow your partnerships with different companies in your area, you have no competition. You can eliminate your competition because you’re working through these other companies and you are like the stealth contractor or you can become a stealth contractor that nobody knows about but makes the money.

You literally have to put on your creative thinking cap so that you can look at businesses in your area that have the same type of customer that you have that doesn’t interfere with your business. So let’s say a good prospect for a landscaping company is a pressure cleaning company OR a carpet cleaning company and a carpet installation company. You have the same type of customer, but it doesn’t conflict with each other’s businesses so you can add value to each other’s business.

Referrals are also another great way for free marketing…most the time are given by raving fans!

You want to be objective about creating rating fans. You may be great at what you do and awesome atthe type of work you do, but you need to always be generating leads. What are the buyer referral strategic partnerships.. because you are in lead generating business, because generating leads generate income, because excellent work not leveraged does not.

Go to Jasmine’s site if you are in California and sign up for her live event!

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