Contractors Secret Weapon

Our marketing podcast is unlike anything available elsewhere to contractors…we talk with marketing specialists across the board who give us concrete tips directed entirely towards the trades. Some of the topics we cover include Marketing, Sales Cycles, Pricing, Positioning, Branding and more. Just about everything we talk about we’ve done the good the bad and the boring.We discuss  what has worked for us why it has worked and why it might not have worked.Good marketing is the key to having a very profitable business.Throwing good money into the black hole of advertising is not good marketing it is BAD advertising . We will show you the difference and teach you how to ask the right questions when that next person comes in to sell you advertising. Remember the person selling you advertising is selling you advertising today so he can eat tomorrow. He is not a team member.

We are a marketing resource to contractors in the building, painting, pressure washing, roofing, plumbing…heck almost any trade that you can mention.

Our goal for this podcast is to help contractors stay on top of all the different marketing topics that are available, sorting out what is working (or not) in the industry today.

At the end of the day, we will consider it a win if you achieve enough success to stop thinking of your contracting business in commodity based terms and can switch over to a value based business, cherry picking only the best clients who respect you and your experience in your trade.

Your Hosts

dave-negriAbout Us

Dave Negri

Owner Of Elite Home & Property Services And Founder Of The Contractors Secret Weapon Podcast.

pete-mitchellAbout Us

Pete Mitchell

Marketing And Sales Strategist And Owner Of Profit Hacking Solutions.

About Dave

Dave has been a painting contractor and entrepreneur for the last 25 years, successfully starting and growing service based businesses like his Elite Home Services company which is located in Clearwater, FL.

Through hard work and marketing knowledge, Dave has been able to step out of the day-to-day operations of this business to focus on helping other contractors grow their businesses and succeed as he has!

Everything in life prepares us for now…Dave Negri

In 2001 Dave put his painting business aside due to the boom of the real estate market which hit Florida like a hurricane. He focused on buying and selling houses for the next 5 years, successfully “flipping” over 55 homes. He attributes his success at this endeavor entirely to his knowledge and background in marketing which allowed him to first find LOTS of sellers who would sell cheap and then buyers who wanted to buy high!

While other contractors scrambled to pick up crumbs then and in the following crash, Dave has been chugging away, providing a very nice life for his family and taking his wife (Valerie) on trips and generally enjoying his success.

Another change…Another Success

So here we are today. The housing market in Florida has somewhat stabilized with maybe a little bit of a seller’s thing happening again, but nothing like the big boom. The neat thing about Dave is that this seems like just another opportunity to him!

He has re-invented his painting company, strategically positioning it in the marketplace. For Dave, one of the pivotal pieces of the puzzles for starting up again came from a mastermind where someone asked what would make his painting business different form every other out there….hmmmm.

Dave had a number of things going for him:

  • He knew that no matter what economy he was working in, he could control how much money he could make.
  • He could already get people to call him to sell their houses (what if he just tweaked the message?)
  • He was GREAT at keeping a funnel of leads coming in (you KNOW that this is the biggest challenge for all contractors everywhere!)

So in one of the worst economies in history, Dave decided to start another service based business. Who knew in late 2007 that today he would be one of the most successful contracting companies in Tampa Bay!

Going from buying and flipping old, neglected houses to painting, pressure cleaning and doing roofing is just another kind of business to Dave, one he has the key to mastering!