A Forgotten Secret to Success with Dave Negri 224

November 17, 2017

A forgotten secret to success, what is it really, I believe it’s something that is not talked about much in the business world. And when we are done today it may set you on an extended path to your success.

Success without fulfillment is empty

I just want to talk about so what does that mean, we all strive for success we all work hard we work probably harder than we want to

build a type of business we want so I just want to go over some things and say that I think that is not talked enough about and you hear in dribs and drabs.

On one of the other podcast episodes it was EPISODE 136 WITH Kellen Kautzman about using Philanthropy this goes beyond using this as a part of your marketing, it’s really creating an extension of yourself.

I really want to talk about giving not just in the marketplace and not giving back.

I’m sorry that’s just one of my pet peeves I just really hate that word. Giving back

And I’m really not a huge fan of being politically correct but when you talk about giving back is sorta makes me feel like I’ve stolen something, and I’m obligated to give back as some sort of act of doing wrong.

I’m not obligated because I haven’t stolen anything. See where I’m coming from.

And now giving is another thing

I think that you know there are so many people that feel empty from their success and I’m not saying this is the main thing that will fulfill your emptiness because, for the most part, an emptiness is. Is a spiritual void but we can get into that another time, today we are just talking about giving and again and not giving back because you haven’t stolen anything why should you feel guilty about giving back.

I believe that there’s a portion of each one of us that deep down inside there is that part that we want to give we really do when we don’t know how to do it or what to do.

You hear about people like Tony Robbins who feed thousands of people every year. And you think that is awesome.

I’ll bet you, he started with one.

You are saying, I wish I could do something like that, but I don’t have the money.

I have a friend that he says man I would love to be a philanthropist and I go What’s stopping you he says so I don’t have any money.

You have a dollar don’t you. You have time,


Here is a little secret I’m going to share with you Money Magnifies who you are.

It all starts with a thought it gets placed into your yearly goals.

On what you want to achieve.

As I think about it really balances out who you are and who you want to become.

I had a conversation with a real estate investor the other day and we were talking about this subject about giving and he picks up properties and sometimes they are full properties with clothes, furniture, dishes the whole works.

For the past few years, he takes all the good stuff and packs it up and brings it to a place that gives this stuff away to people in the city who can use it.

I asked why he did this and the answer that came back was, I could take and sell this stuff and make more money but in reality “it just makes me feel good it sort of makes me feel whole by thinking about others not just myself and my needs. That’s why I give it away.”

I’m going to challenge you today as you contemplate your journey to success that you consider others in your goal plan and ad this portion to your goals.

If you are already doing it awesome. If you have thought about or this is a new concept for you There is om much to gain it is actually unexplainable,the experience will knock your socks off.

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