5 Things To Do To Prepare For Spring Business | Episode 107

February 11, 2016

5 Things Contractors Can Do To Prepare For Spring Business

Hopefully you have not completely stopped your marketing even during the slow season because it’s harder to get started back up completely than it is to just have it trickling out in the slow season.

The first thing you might want to do is to go back over all the marketing that you did last year. Figure out what worked, what didn’t work, purge and get rid of the stuff that didn’t work and take more money and put it into the stuff that did work. This is a simple process, but sometimes we get caught up in working too much in the business that we let things slide and don’t realize we can redirect the important stuff to get us more business.

You might want to take some of those boring pieces that are not working and rework them so that they are intriguing and get people to respond on them.

Basically figure out what worked and what didn’t work!

Commercial Contractor Marketing

If you do commercial you might find out what business publications that your clients subscribe to and target them through that form of media. You’re not just throwing ads out, but you’re targeting your specific buyers through media that they are into all the time. Also you might think about connecting with them on LinkedIn, whether it be commercial property managers or commercial business owners. Feed them with useful information that would help them make their job easier in your arena, asking questions that they might respond to. This is a longer way of building relationships, but it is a rock solid way of building relationships

Newsletter Marketing

This is a big one! If you’re not already doing newsletter marketing and you’re not keeping in touch with your customers on a regular basis you might think about doing a New Year’s letter or a new year letter, you know like the one that you get from family members telling you how Aunt Susie’s doing in Uncle Bob’s doing.

You want to redirected the information into a one or two page letter, just on the highlights of some of the exciting things that went out in the business last year, some of the new expectations that you want to do this year by helping them increase maybe the value of the property. You might also let them know this is a great time to let them know of some of the new services that you have or some services that you’ve never told them about.

It’s also a great time to run a special and, if they are repeat customers, you might want to offer them a spring cleaning special to get them on the schedule before you get real busy and your prices go up. Of course you need to let them know your prices will go up as you get busier this year, so you might run some sort of special invite getting them in the beginning of the season or you might get them also at the end of the season depending on the type of work that you do.

This particular one is very inexpensive to do and doing it creatively will get you a ton of business.

Niche Marketing

Now it’s time to take a look a strategic look at some of the areas in town that you wanted to business in. It could be subdivisions or apartment complexes, only you know what your area is like. then you target those heavily. Going into the spring, there’s only 8 to 10 weeks left, I know it seems like a lot, but you know there is a turnaround time for your marketing.

General Contractor Marketing Observations

You should think about upping your marketing budget. I know it sounds crazy to up your marketing budget in the slow season, but right now you want to build momentum in those areas that you want to be going into. It’s time to start filling up the funnel.

Make sure you are targeting some of the hot buttons that you’ve heard  your customers complain about like, “no one shows up on time” or “poor communication” and turn those into guarantees that you can add to your marketing. This will help draw that new potential customer to your pocket book.

Like I said, there is a turnaround time on your marketing. It’s going to take 2 to 4 weeks for your marketing to catch up to your actual workload, so if we’re talking eight weeks before spring, now is the time to set it in place. Get it rolling out in about three weeks. It’s not a whole lot of time when you really boil it down. Time flies so get ‘er done before it’s the end of March and you say, “crap I’m behind!”

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