Have You Been Thinking About Doing Business With The FEDS? Expert Kevin Jans Sheds Some Light | Episode 112

Kevin Jans is the President and Founder of Skyway Acquisition Solutions (“Skyway”). After 16 years as a Department of Defense contracting officer, he founded Skyway to help companies navigate the increasingly complex process of competing for Federal contracts. Kevin built the company on the premise that no one knows the Federal acquisition system better than…[Find out more...]

Stop Being an Advertising Victim, Learn Contractor Marketing episode 67

Quote for the week: “The superior man understands what is right the inferior man understands what will sell.” Confucius What is an advertising victim? We want to stop you from being an advertising victim. An advertising victim is someone who has no plan and makes advertising decisions based on whichever advertising rep catches him on…[Find out more...]

The One About Having Other Businesses Sell Your Contractor Services CHA CHING episode 63

A strategic alliance is when you and another business go into a loose partnership, and help each other make extra profits. Alliance is a really good word! For example, a handyman and a painter may refer each other and give each other a referral fee or vice versa. Suddenly each one of these business owners…[Find out more...]

Let’s Talk About Making Money with Anniversary Dates in Your Contracting Business Episode 62

Actually this week I want to talk about two things if we have time! The first is about making money with anniversary dates and how you can use anniversary dates to get more business from your customers. The other thing I want to talk about gearing up and planning for your slow season next year. I know…[Find out more...]