Avoid Becoming Another Financial Statistics Jim Mosquera 281

Today we have an awesome talk for you. We will be talking with about Jim Mosquera.About how to Avoid Becoming Another Financial Statistics.   He’s a published author of fiction and non-fiction and a business professional. He wants people to understand the world of problems and think for themselves. Currently, he’s the principal of Sentinel…[Find out more...]

Best Local Seo Lead Generation with Mark Fortune episode 201

Mark Fortune says are you tired of wasting money on marketing that simply doesn't work? Would you like to follow a proven marketing system built exclusively for small to mid-sized growing businesses? Mark is a small business owner also so he knows what business owners go through when we try to create a spot in the…[Find out more...]

Know Who You Are Selling to with Heather Havenwood | Episode 192

Today we have Heather Havenwood CEO of Havenwood World Wide LLC. Heather is known as Chief sexy boss and she is a serial entrepreneur. Today's highlight we really got into talking about one of her clients who is a contractor. Really getting into knowing who you are selling to and being aware of that person…[Find out more...]