The Good, bad and BORING on Marketing, Boring Marketing with Dave Negri 205

Today's podcast is number one in series copy cats are losers. and it's about boring marketing. We are going to start with the boring side of the marketing which most contractors gravitate to. Most business owners gravitate to because it's easy. Easy does not mean correct or right. Many times, it really comes down to 2…[Find out more...]

Does Your Marketing Pass The 5 Second Stranger Test with Bethanie Nonami 204

Our attention span at least in the United States for reading is five seconds a goldfish attention span is eight seconds ours is really five seconds because there's so much to distract us. We have five seconds to grab their attention it doesn't matter what media we use. It could be Cold calling Print advertising,…[Find out more...]

Bonus Interview: Clint Jones With N2 Publishing, Owning Your Community – Episode 71

Quote of the week: Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect. Mark Twain This week I wanted to take you to different place in our marketing experience. I came across our guest a couple of weeks ago and like many contractors feel, I didn’t want…[Find out more...]

Stop Being an Advertising Victim, Learn Contractor Marketing episode 67

Quote for the week: “The superior man understands what is right the inferior man understands what will sell.” Confucius What is an advertising victim? We want to stop you from being an advertising victim. An advertising victim is someone who has no plan and makes advertising decisions based on whichever advertising rep catches him on…[Find out more...]

Interview with Tara Jacobson with Marketing Artfully | Contractor Marketing Podcast Episode #5

Today's contractor marketing podcast is with Tara Jacobsen of Marketing Artfully. Tara has been in marketing since 1999, starting at a web hosting company, which at the time she barely knew what the internet was, let alone the technical backend of how websites work. Over the last 15 years she has spent way more than…[Find out more...]