Bonus Interview :: Pete Mitchell, How You Can Double Your Profit In 6 Months With These Strategies (Episode 73)

This week we bring back Pete Mitchell to talk about how you too can double your profits in 6 month with these amazing strategies. Pete always has some great ways to increase your business, that’s why I enjoy having him on the program. This week Pete brings us some great no-nonsense, easy to implement strategies.…[Find out more...]

Let’s Talk About Making Money with Anniversary Dates in Your Contracting Business Episode 62

Actually this week I want to talk about two things if we have time! The first is about making money with anniversary dates and how you can use anniversary dates to get more business from your customers. The other thing I want to talk about gearing up and planning for your slow season next year. I know…[Find out more...]

Purposefully Getting Referrals and More Business Using Maintenance Marketing – Episode 59

Today we are going to talk about being purposeful about asking for referrals in a couple of different ways. Your customers really like hearing from you. Anyway you can keep in contact with them in a non-threatening way with you correspondence is welcome. So what is threatening correspondence? Any correspondence that ALWAYS is asking them…[Find out more...]

Maintenance Marketing Creating a Solid Platform for Growth and Stability episode 58

Maintenance Marketing, Creating a Solid Platform for Growth and Stability Growth for your business is paramount and the easiest way to get that growth is through referrals! I want to talk about maintenance marketing! This is going to be our topic for the next few weeks, we are going to hit it hot and heavy.…[Find out more...]