New Word of Mouth Advertising Google Review Joe Burnich & Amanda Reid 283

New Word of mouth advertising Google Reviews.  Today we have an awesome talk for you. We have a returning guest, Joe Burnich and his business partner Amanda Reid. Today we will be talking about Google Reviews, everything that we can possibly think about that is related to google reviews. Google reviews are very essential to…[Find out more...]

Ken Tucker Some Important Local Business Marketing Strategies 261

Ken Tucker Important Local Online Strategies, Specializing in comprehensive integrated marketing strategies and campaigns for small and mid-sized businesses across the US. Specialties include search engine optimization, website design, reputation management, social media marketing, and lead generation marketing automation Hey, this is Dave Negri with Contractors Secret Weapon. Today, I have a fun guess. There's…[Find out more...]

The Art of Asking for Google Reviews with Jonah Canter 249

The Art of Asking for Google Reviews with Jonah Canter. Owner of Canter construction in Charleston, South Carolina. They are premier company that does remodeling, it's a fun talk we had together we talked about how he grew his business basically with zero dollars. He's shares   how he get’ s so many google reviews and…[Find out more...]

Google Pay Per Click Instant Gratification with One-Click Lindsey 242

Google pay per click instant gratification with your marketing. One Click Lindsey is a Web strategy expert with small businesses and helps owners to utilize the web to produce more traffic and traffic leads. Today we talk about What’s a landing page What does a landing page do? About getting Better and faster results. Is…[Find out more...]

Discover the Science of Direct Response Marketing Using Postcards 209

If you really want to grow your business ,Using the Science of Direct Response Marketing is key to your future success, this is one system is one you want to put into place. Most contractors shoot from the hip. They wake up and look at their business and say, “I don’t have enough business” and…[Find out more...]

Are You Ready For Googles Mobile Platform Scott Dennison | Podcast Episode 163

Today I'm heading to make clear what's on the horizon with mobile websites with mobile Expert Scott Dennison. We will cover how you can shape how it influences you and how to handle what you need to do next. Meet "mobile-first indexing". Nowadays being that more and more searches on Google happen on mobile each 12 months, they…[Find out more...]