Keep From Crippling Your Business With These Marketing Mistakes Day 3 Dave Negri 245

"Keep from crippling your business with these 20 marketing mistakes "Mistake number four: Not taking massive action. An old Chinese proverb goes something like this--Confucius say: "Hungry man sitting with mouth open waiting for roast duck to fly in have a long wait". Hey this is Dave Negri with Contractor's Secret Weapon. We're still continue…[Find out more...]

What Business Are You Really In with Pete Mitchell 208

In today episode in our contractor marketing podcast We talk about What business are you really in? The painting business, The roofing business The pressure cleaning business Do you really know. Let me ask you what business are you really in? If you answered one of the above or the trade you are in. That…[Find out more...]

The GOOD, bad and boring on Marketing, GOOD Marketing with Dave Negri 207

Don’t get bullied by sellers of bad and boring advertising. This episode is about GOOD contractor marketing, how to create good direct response marketing with a call to action. We have gotten past the Boring marketing We have gotten past the Bad Marketing. We go through seven steps to creating a successful ad How you…[Find out more...]