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Be different from the competition so you will get more referrals time after time this is one key to getting more repeat business and more referrals than you ever thought possible.

When your customer is made to feel special they will be your sales team. How many more would you like on your sales team? It’s up to you it all depends on how or if you WOW your customer.

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11 Secrets To Getting Into Lucrative High End Homes and Communities

You know those 500K to Million Dollar Home Owners behind those gated communities that’s where the real money is.
The true sweet spot. Inside this ebook you’ll Discover the Secrets That the Big Boy Contractors Don’t Want You To Know About.

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Your own done for you monthly newsletter.

Tired of losing customers to your competition?


With your own done for you monthly newsletter ,Your customer will never forget who you are. You will get a steady flow of repeat business. Because you are communicating with your customers on a consistent basis you will be on the top of their mind. That means more referrals. That means a higher lifetime value.

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They have creative, unique and clutter busting 3D mail products and grabbers will explode your direct mail results. Look into their products section free example sales letters and headlines to help you easily incorporate 3D Mail into your campaign and amplify your returns.

If you’re tired of cold calling ,tired of phone calling and getting little results why not make them prospects call you by implementing a 3d mail campaign check it out.. at 3dmailresults .com

7 Low or No Cost Marketing Strategies That Will Increase Your Profits Even In a Crappy Economy

Are you spending a fortune on marketing knowing its being sucked into a black hole, well that’s what it feels like because you are getting very little response. And you’re blaming the economy because you’re not getting the response you need to get more profitable business.

It’s not the economy that has you going crazy even though the economy has changed people still spend money on what they want and need…find out how to get more leads with less money!

Street Bidder

They offer 2 programs: a free program (sort of a let’s get acquainted) and a premium for $39.00 per month for Platinum service. If you are going to be a serious user of Street Bidder, you will defiantly use the Platinum Plan (postcards are $1.00 on the free plan and only $.49 on the Platinum Plan). You can actually up load your own post card designs, do a quick send post card and even do a quick send thank you card.

Street bidder offers a multitude of options:

  • Thank You Notes
  • 5 Arounds (the 5 homes around your job)
  • Landing pages for communities
    QR Codes

Learn more about the new Street Bidder Contractor Marketing Tool – Interview with Josh Latimer #42