How To Plant Seeds In Your Target Market target (Farming) 198

Today we are learning how to farm that’s a very peculiar word.

Most people outside of the real estate industry never really think about farming when it comes to business.

Farming is cultivating the ground properly for harvest, the harvest is the profits that  sustain your business and your lifestyle.

A hefty harvest is having to be profitable so let’s talk about what is a farm.

Most people know what a farm is in a literal sense, a farm is a geographic location where the farmer plants his crops and he will work the soil until the harvest is ready.

And harvest, is where he will get his crop. As it relates to our businesses we get good paying customers and a fair profit to run our business.

Your target, as we have talked about in the past you want people who have money to spend on your services.

We are going to call your target market area the farm.

The soil type is the areas in where your target market lives.

You need to become the expert in your market place your farm area.

In order to pick the best farmland that will produce the largest profits for the amount of fertilizing that you will do.

Fertilizing is your marketing or your touches.

That may not just be one marketing piece it may be a continuation of three or four or five it could be a drip campaign it could be numerous things in which you do to cultivate your farmland. Just like watering your crop.

By picking the area with medium size homes, luxury homes apartment complexes Management Associations, hospitals, parking garages the list goes.

The only wrong farm is a target market that has no money for your services.

You will need a budget to plant seeds and fertilizer and to water the area to be able to pick out the weed.(people who will not be our customers.)

You will always be planting take a porting of the profit you make and set aside money for seed money marketing.

If you eat to seed you will not be able to plant.

There are so many ways to keep and farm a community it is endless to the imagination.


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