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Thank you so much for visiting the Contractors Secret Weapon Podcast. We work with all kinds of different vendors and patrons to get you best free marketing resources available today to grow your business!

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Templates and Tools

Check Out Dave’s Newsletter Example

The best way to keep in touch with your customers and consistently build relationships. Get Dave’s Newletter template hot off the presses!

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Customer Survey Example

Use this to find out how you preformed and improve also serves as a testimonial tracker. Take their amazing words about your business and add them to your website or marketing materials.

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Send Out Cards Form Letter Example

This is an example of how you can create a card in Send out cards and continually use it to generate more business for your contracting business.

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Send Out Cards Sample Gifts Example

Another example of how you can create a card in Send out cards and continually use it to show appreciation for your customers. This is to use when you send a little gift through the Send Out Cards website.

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Boring Marketing Examples

A few examples of what to stay away from with your contractor marketing! While not bad enough to make the “naughty” list, boring marketing is bad simply because boring will not sell services.

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Examples of Bad Contractor Marketing

Taken directly from Podcast #2, The Good The BAD and the Boring -Contractor Marketing Podcast Episode #2

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Good Marketing Examples

Some examples of good marketing that calls for a response taken from podcast #3, The GOOD The Bad and The Boring-Contractor Marketing Episode #3

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