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7 Proven Profit Producing Marketing Strategies For Contractors That won’t bleed you dry!!

Are you spending a fortune on marketing knowing its being sucked into a black hole?

Well that’s what it feels like because you are getting very little response, If any.

And you’re blaming the economy because you’re not getting the response you need to get a good return on investment.

I have to tell you a secret!!

It’s not the economy even though the economy has changed people still spend money on what they want and need.

Its ineffective marketing,

You’ve been sold a bill of goods by people who don’t know how to get you business, so its not your fault that someone else’s marketing for your business is bad.

But after today it will be your fault .

Because you will know better.

The 7 low or no cost marketing strategies that will increase your profits even in a crappy economy.

Will help you get your business back on track to making the profits you’ve been looking for.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • How to market smart not necessarily a lot.
  • How to save time, energy and frustration by letting happy customers do much of your marketing for you.
  • How to create referral partners without sharing in the profits.
  • How to create a Sales team using your customers and testimonials.
  • How one of my strategies which cost me very little to implement actually attributed to 22% of my business the year that I put it to work and creates consistent sales each month.


These profitable strategies are still part of the core income producing strategies I still use today.

So if you’re tired and frustrated of feeding the black hole you can STOP IT today.

tart marketing using seven strategies that will increase your profit and get yourself back on track get your free copy today.

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Get your free copy of 7 LOW or NO COST Marketing Strategies that will increase your profits even in a CRAPPY economy. You just pay shipping and handling.