“Discover How to Get Them “LOST” Customers Back”

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From: Dave Negri
Date: Thursday 8:30 am

The biggest myth ever created!!

Once they do business with you they will always do business with you

Most service businesses forget, not just service business but every business owner assumes that once someone does business with us they will be back to buy again. That’s just wrong thinking, because it’s   not true.


Discover How to Get Them “LOST” Customers Back

lost-customer-41-186x300“Discover How to Get Them “LOST” Customers Back"



  1. The main reason most customers STOP doing business with you and how to stop it. You won’t believe it.
  2. Why you should think like a customer instead of a business owner.
  3. How to get them customers back .

Let’s face it you will not be able to keep all your customers, you should be able to purposefully keep more than your are.

Inside is an action plan A done for your program to get them lost customers back.

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